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A common cold.

Author note: Fenrir Phobos and Luna are both owned by Lerato/Ironbird


Xemnas lay in bed with the covers pulled almost over his head. The only thing visible was his hair. Saix had allowed his husband to sleep and for good reason, he could hear the raspy breathing and the annoying nose whistle of a stuffed nose last night. This morning Xemnas had a fever of 39°C so he had tucked him in and gone ahead with the meeting, ending it in time as the kids woke up though leaving everyone with a warning that Xemnas was not to be disturbed at all costs and any problems they had would have to be taken up with him for the time being.




Luna jumped up and down in her crib as she saw her mother coming in.


“Let’s get you dressed shall we?”


Saix smiled and picked up his little girl, changing her diaper and putting her in the cotton version of their standard black coat and pants and shoes.




“We will get Fenrir in a bit, first you missy. Because you’re an utter nightmare when I have to brush your hair.”


The Luna Diviner turned to grab the brush, when he turned around again he saw his girl crawling under the crib.


“Oh no you don’t!”


He laughed and grabbed her by the legs and dragged her out as Luna screamed and laughed, struggling with her mother as he tried to brush her hair. This little battle always took fifteen minutes with Saix ending up as the victor.


“Aha! See! Not so bad!”


Saix picked her up and blew raspberries in Luna’s neck, causing her to giggle and squeal.


“Let’s get Fenrir.”




Luna clapped and held onto her mother’s blue hair as they walked to Fenrir’s room.


Fenrir was already up and his room was a mess, he had his toys strewn about like a battle had just occurred, the blanket on the bed was half off and the pillows were on the floor.




The Diviner sighed. The small six year old poked his head out of the closet.


“It wasn’t me! It was the boogeyman!”




“I mean Axel.”


Saix laughed.


“Too early for that and you already blamed the boogeyman.”


Fenrir walked out of the closet and shut it.


“If I have to find a mountain of toys in there when we put these away, you’re not getting any dessert for two days.”


Saix spoke sternly and Fenrir sighed, opening the closet again. A daily activity, that’s what this was. The three played a game as they put away the toys and cleaned up. Half an hour later Fenrir was dressed in his own cotton version of his parents’ uniforms but the coat was leather. He was ranking up!


“Where’s dad?”


“Your father is sick. He must rest.”


Fenrir gasped and frowned.


“No! He needs to be better now! He said he would take me to the Pridelands!”


“Fenrir Phobos,”


Saix narrowed his eyes at the boy who pouted and the blue haired man scowled.


“Pick two toys to help make daddy better.”


The Luna Diviner sighed. That choosing took an extra ten minutes and of course two toys turned into four toys and Luna had to pick her own two toys. The trio made their way into the master bedroom where Xemnas was snoring.


“Mama! Dada!”


Luna pointed to her dad and Fenrir ran over to the bed, throwing his toys onto the bed and climbing in. Saix placed Luna on the bed and watched the girl crawl over and kiss her dad on the cheek.




She exclaimed as she gave her dad a hug.




She screamed and patted her dad’s face. Saix laughed and covered his mouth to muffle his laugh. This was too cute!


“Dad dad dad dad dad! Hey, hey dad!”


Fenrir shook his dad and Xemnas grumbled. Luna cheered thinking that her dad was getting up and clapped but pouted and whimpered as he didn’t wake up but turned over.




Luna’s lower lip quivered and she sniffed. Saix walked over and picked her up.


“Come now kids. Daddy needs to sleep. Let’s help Xaldin in the kitchen shall we?”




Fenrir was quick to jump out of bed and hurry for the door.


“Mom, race you!”


The boy exclaimed and started running.


“Oh for the love of…”


Saix had to hurry after his son.


Three hours passed, Xemnas peered his eyes open and stared up a jack in the box dangling over his head and he let out a heavy sigh. What time was it? He turned and saw that it was almost noon and he sat up, just then the door opened.


“Mom! Dad’s awake!”


Fenrir ran over, climbing on the bed and hugging his dad.




Luna giggled happily and reached out for her dad.


“Xemnas, I hereby order you to keep your feet in bed.”


“You’re ordering me?”


Xemnas smirked, his voice raspy. That didn’t sound normal.


“You’re sick, so yes, I order you.”


“I don’t remember promoting you to number one.”


“No, but I am your second in command and when you are out of commission I am the leader.”


“You’re just out for my rank.”


“Yes, I am Xemnas. That’s why I gave you two kids.”


Saix rolled his eyes and placed Luna on the bed and watched her try and crawl run to her dad. Xemnas chuckled and coughed, hugging his kids.


“Mom, we’re sick too, we need to be with dad.”


“Oh, really?”


The Luna Diviner took the blanket and pulled it over the three.


“There, better?”


“No, we need ice cream.”


“Ice ice!”


Luna nodded.


“A biig bowl of ice cream! And candy!”


Fenrir continued.


“Listen to the kids Saix, we need it!”


Xemnas mused and grinned at his lover’s displeased face.


“If you weren’t sick.”


Saix opted with saying and snapped his fingers, ordering his berserkers to get the ice cream. Xemnas propped himself up and twitched, reaching for the jack in the box behind him and tossed it to the other side of the bed, leaning back and hearing a squeak, this time taking a bunny with half an ear chewed off. The berserkers arrived with three bowls of ice cream with three scoops each.


“Mine mine!”


Fenrir reached for his bowl first. Xemnas took the second one and Saix held the third one. Luna sat in her dad’s lap and opened her mouth as her dad took a spoonful and then watched as her dad ate the spoonful, she repeated this three times before starting to cry.


“Apparently she wants what you have and not what I’m trying to give her.”


“Of course she wants my ice cream, it’s better than yours.”


“It’s the same one.”


“No, this is mine.”


Xemnas chuckled and gave Luna some ice cream from his spoon.


“Xemnas, I would have preferred you used the spoon I’m holding.”


“Oh come now. Live a lit-“


Xemnas flinched and stared at Saix, his husband had just flung ice cream at his face. Fenrir laughed and Luna took the opportunity to grab a handful of the ice cream and eat it. Saix just sat there grinning.


“If she gets sick she’s with you.”


Saix said with a straight face.


“Mommy, I need more ice cream.”


Fenrir held out his empty bowl.


“No you don’t, Fenrir. One bowl is enough.”


“But moom!”


“No buts!”


Luna scooped some more ice cream from her dad’s bowl, grabbing onto the bowl and putting her face in the bowl.






Xemnas and Saix gasped and laughed.


“Oh dear… someone needs a bath after this!”


Fenrir laughed and pet his little sister’s head.


“Luna, no, that’s not how you eat ice cream!”


Fenrir giggled. Ten minutes later Saix had a bath drawn.


“We had an accident.”

Xemnas walked in holding Luna with ice cream in his hair.


“Really Xemnas?”


“Not my fault.”


Saix snorted and added more water to the tub, taking Luna and allowing Xemnas to slip into the tub.


“You young lady are a mess! Did you pour the ice cream over yourself while I was gone?”


Luna just gave her mom a cute smile.


“Yes she did.”


Xemnas sighed and turned the faucet off.


“And you pulled?”


Saix turned and handed Luna over to Xemnas.






Xemnas pouted and took his daughter, letting her splash around and jump as he held her. The Luna Diviner grabbed a sponge and wet it, washing his husband’s shoulders and face. Fenrir got a rubber duck for Luna and started adding more toys into the tub, Luna clapped and cheered and jumped again.




“Oh dear.”


Saix took Luna and washed her, then removed her from the tub as Xemnas sank down. Luna didn’t complain much from being taken out of the tub. Saix took Fenrir and placed Luna in her crib for a nap.


“Mama, I want to nap too.”


Fenrir pouted.


“You do, do you? Come on then.”


The Luna Diviner put Fenrir in his pyjamas and tucked him in, kissing the top of his head, naptime sounded nice but he had other things to do. Saix went to check up on Xemnas, he wasn’t in the bathroom so he went to their bedroom and he embraced his husband.


“I’m never bathing with her again.”


“Yes you are.”


Xemnas grumbled and grabbed hold of his husband, pulling him with him down onto the bed.


“Xemnas, I have other things to do, the castle can’t run itself.”


“It can for the next two hours.”


Xemnas huffed and hugged Saix tightly, showing no sign of letting him go.


“Alright fine, big baby.”


“I’m sick.”


Xemnas coughed and the two drifted off to a quiet sleep.…

So yeah, we could be expecting another volcanic eruption.
I'm doing okay.
The surgery went well!

I'm just for the first time having some pain in my surgical wound. I have to hold my stomach when I cough and/or sneeze.
Which is a pain because it really REALLY hurts!

Other than that I'm actually doing pretty okay. I may just be regretting to have taken the bandage I had off and replacing it with another because the previous one was waterproof. The one I have now isn't.

Oh well, I'll just have to be extra careful when in the shower!

And this Friday I go to have my staples taken out; it was done by c-section or a bikini cut. Idk, whatever you wanna call it xD

Short update but update nonetheless!
So as the title says I will be having surgery next week on the 9th on my 27th birthday.
The surgery is a life saver for me. I've been waiting SO LONG! I'm so happy I could cry!

But this means you'll be seeing even less of me for a while.
To those who are curious as to what kind of surgery this is here's a little bit of what I've been having to have to deal with.

I have Endometriosis, which means when mother nature visits me it's extremely painful.
I can't do anything! I'm sick in bed in a fetal position and bawling my eyes out doing my best not to scream.

This surgery is going to take the whole reproductive system out of me, sure I'll have to be on hormones for the rest of my life but WHO CARES?! NOT ME!
I'm SO happy!!!!!! Ah! It's going to be fantastic! I can't wait! TwT…

So yeah, we could be expecting another volcanic eruption.


Current Residence: Iceland
Favorite genre of music: Everything that sounds good to me
Favorite photographer: umm... dunno Dx
Favorite style of art: dunno *shrug*
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod xD
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